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The Raven

The next look is of some earlier pictures of the chassis as I was building it. The gearbox, or 'transmission' if you will, is a reduction unit out of an old autopilot from a 1950s era Aerocommander and was to be mated to the Ofna center differential by way of a ring gear through a slot in the chassis plate. The Ofna diff is inside the brass housing below the chassis plate in the pictures below. This was removed and the chassis plate remade in order to redesign the drive train. The frame rails were designed during the fall of 2002 and machined over Christmas vacation. The following pictures were taken on 04/06/2003.

The lower section of the frame holds the lower suspension link mounts and the sway bar mounts (seen below, in brass). This section is the same now, with the sway bars being the only components left incomplete.

A close-up of the center diff and its housing, and the transmission/reduction unit mated to it. Dependent upon the powerplant I chose, the center diff may have remained, albeit in a modified position. Had I opted for 2 electric motors, this center differential would have been unnecessary.

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