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The Raven

Here we have some more pictures of the work on the axles and associated parts. It took about 45 hours total to complete the work shown here, not including the differentials themselves which were completed earlier in the project. Roughly half that time was spent machining tools and other fixtures and work-holders to complete the machine work on the axle housings, hubs, and suspension mounts.

The images also show the relationship between steering yokes and hubs, and the bearings they held. The steering knuckles now pivot on bronze bushings for more strength. The two longer turnbuckles shown below were originally planned as drag links for the steering, but alas the axles became much too wide for such, and as a result they were discarded and a pair of irregular links are in their place. These can be seen in the latest pictures and will be described further into this text.

The axle tubes seemed too complicated after drawings were made, and I had considered farming out the work to a local shop in order to keep my sanity. In the end, however, I dove in and realized they were not beyond my capability. I'm very happy to have made them myself, and seeing them partially assembled makes the whole endeavor worthwhile.

I suppose the most difficult section was the spindle/axle relationship which must be very smooth or the spinning parts won't last long.

Below, the link attachment points on the chassis can be seen, as well as a closer look at the sway bar pivots which we'll get into more later. The chassis is sitting on a small jack as it would not support itself until the springs were installed.

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