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A preliminary shot with the axles attached to the 4-link setup, and the 1 body mount in place. This would be the approximate height of the frame over the wheel center, and with tires mounted it sits about 4 inches higher. The Ford body rested at just over 12 inches from the ground all told.

A top view here, and sharp eyes will notice the chassis plate had become absent, along with the original electric motor, center differential and chassis braces. This was because of weight mostly, and also contributing to that change was the fact that each diff would end up receiving it's power from a center-mounted motor and gearbox. They will translate rotation through retractable drive shafts and into the input shafts on the differentials. Thus the previous center gearbox is not necessary. Lately, the weight concerns have vanished since there will be no lack of power and due to the fact that I can stabilize the chassis by widening the track if necessary. I believe that a heavier vehicle will enjoy increased traction, unless it becomes too heavy and drive train parts begin to falter. Hopefully, this will not happen.

Above we have a closer end-view of the axle and link mounts, and below is a mock-up of the truck with the F350 body sitting atop.

The body was a lucky find at the nearby toy store, and had been cut from a 1/6-scale RTR kit that proved considerably cheaper than a polycarbonate part. It boasted incredible detail for a toy. Being made of molded plastic, it is entirely possible that the body will not hold up to abuse. It is also heavy (about 3 1/2 pounds by itself) and raises the CG considerably. I may have to operate the truck without it.

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