The Beginning
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The Raven


With shock mounts, cantilevers and spacers machined, the chassis began taking the shape of the ESP Clodzilla 4 race kit. The cantilever design was borrowed and expanded on here, with differing dimensions and shock locations of my own choosing.

A comparison top view below (sorry about the dim image), and all 8 shocks can be seen in place and ready to go. After a few fittings with the body, it may be necessary to oust the bypass shocks in favor of 4 more coil-overs to support all that weight. As it sits now, the body is empty and will eventually hold batteries, speed control and supporting electronics. The motors will likely be mounted directly to the frame, so that's more sprung weight too.

A closer view of one of the shock pairs in place below. Looking even closer, the cantilever is seen taking considerable stress from only a one-sided spring system. A second coil on the opposite side would even out the pressure and probably last much longer. Worst case, we'll have to change the shock AND the cantilever for something stronger.

The ride height is very adjustable, and I've looked at many setup changes and settled on about 5 inches of fender gap. Any less would likely cause the tire to kiss the fender or bed, and that would not be nice for the paint. In the event that I swap out the Jumbos for a set of 8.5 Kongs, I'll put a lift on the body and reconfigure the suspension a bit to compensate. As it is, I may even have to degree the differentials upward to allow for a steeper driveline angle.

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