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The Raven

Here is a mock-up of the finished product. After assembling the wheel/tire combinations, I decided to set everything up as if it was RTR. The tires were a serious pain in the neck to get on those beadlocks, but once I finished one, the rest went a bit more easily. It can be tough to get the beads inside the grooved wheels.

So far, it looks like the wheelbase is about 5/8 inch longer than the fender spacing on the body. This is preferable to it being shorter, and the only drawback seems to be the body mounts up front not having much clearance for movement. The rods run up inside the dash and to the cowl, and can't be moved further forward. As a result, the body sits a little too much to the rear. I'm sure a couple of adapters should do the trick in keeping center.

The body height is actually lower than I had calculated and it can easily be raised or even lowered as things progress. One of the limiting factors was the interior (i.e. floorboards and seats) so it has been removed and it may be able to be trimmed to then fit inside. This will have to wait until I can purchase the engine and fabricate the cooling system and then locate them around the frame rails.

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