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The Raven


After flexing the suspension to its limits, mounting the body and realizing the weight, I decided to alter the setup by ousting the bypass shocks and strengthening the cantilevers. The triangular design is still present, but the cantilevers have been remade both thicker and slightly longer. I have also removed the puny bearings on which the cantilevers pivot and replaced them with bronze bushings for strength. The shock mounts have been cut down after the removal of the bypass units, and the spring rate has been increased dramatically over the previous setting. 

Even after that step up in suspension, the more limited travel of the shocks had become a problem. I have ordered a stiffer set of primary and secondary springs to better handle the weight. Fortunately, the new springs are not red and yellow, but a more calm gray and white. This change should yield plenty of travel for my application, about 2 1/2 inches all told.

Below, you can see that the tires are looking rather smallish after the wheelbase extension, and we may be forced into the Swamp Kongs which are 8.5 inches tall as opposed to the Jumbos at 6.25 inches. This will also serve to decrease torque at the wheel slightly, but will increase top speed, allowing for a more civil final drive number.

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