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The Raven

The tire size seems to be a larger issue than I had first thought. Looking at the truck with a measurement of the body height on the chassis, it is apparent that the tires are small in relation to the same. I have experimented with lowering the body on the frame rails, but anything over about a 3/8-inch drop would interfere with the cantilevered suspension. It is true that the ride height coupled with the weight of electronics would result in an extremely top-heavy vehicle, even considering the decent track it enjoys. The taller tires are no wider however, and would only help to create a more tip-prone design. After the engine and supporting equipment is installed, I believe the CG will be at an all time high. This may require more thought.

I may order the bigger Kongs and check it out, if only to see what difference it makes to the look of the overall picture. I have not strayed too far from the idea of making it as scale as possible, so the larger diameter tires may be a plus toward that end.

Another few images of the body before I actually mounted it (finally!) last night. [The only aspect of this which may change is the robotic arm idea that could be attached beneath the bed of the truck, and would only operate with the bed tilted to at least 80 degrees. The worm drive mechanism I was hoping to employ is mostly complete, and tilting the bed electronically is not terribly complex. Likely, it means one more radio channel and a few microswitches. The arm would then be attached by hand and harnessed accordingly. Making the entire assembly removable would be a must if I do indeed go in that direction.]

As it stands now, I'm very close to needing a carload of cash for electronics and radio gear, so it may be the right time to break out the sketch pad and further the robotic design and leave the spending alone for a bit. We'll see what happens over the next few months. I may still shelf the entire crazy business of the arm and focus on the its operation as a crawler only.

In some of these pictures you can see the original steering mechanics that have been redesigned. The triangular pivots on top of each differential have been remade thicker and with a huge 3/4 inch bronze pivot pin. The cables attach to the inboard end and the pivot is now connected to the steering hub instead of directly to the drag link.

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