The Beginning
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The Raven

The chassis is standing at about 9 lbs. and just over 23 inches long without the body or wheels. After adding all of the craziness of a cooling system, it may be ridiculously heavy. At this point, I really don't care about the weight. If it gets terribly heavy, supporting components can be redesigned. There are a great many people, both on the internet and IRL that have been adamant in relaying the fact that this truck will not run, and may, in fact, destroy many of the internal moving parts as a result of my stubbornness in the categories of dimension and weight. They can take a flying leap. I am both patient and determined.

The combination of cadmium plating, bronze, aluminum and stainless steel makes the chassis look quite blingy. This was not my intention, I just have an aversion to putting plastic (or anything too dark) on this truck. Let's just call it a fixation and leave it at that. :-)

Below, the front view of everything assembled as it now sits. That TMaxx transmission is destined to go away. It seems to represent weakness when compared to the scale of the chassis within which it rests. We'll see.

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