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The Raven


I took some pictures with the truck sitting outside and its body in place. The whole rig seems to be looking decent, despite the tires looking a bit small. 

You'll notice that the steering is in the same position in all of these images. Without the stepper motor and associated circuitry, the shaft which drives the linear actuator is difficult to move. I made a tool for positioning the steering system and run some tests, and also ran the steering lock to lock several times with a drill motor and with the tires on the carpet for resistance. After a few runs, one of the cables pulled loose from its clamp and needed to be adjusted. This has been the only weak point located in the system thus far. I'm sure after the truck runs under its own power more limitations will reveal themselves.

As can be seen below, the body is too close to the tires for crawling. These Jumbos are 6.25" tall, and will be replaced by 8.5" Kongs. It is likely I will have to raise the body by at least 2", yielding an overall height of more than 18" and a very tip-prone design. Hopefully, the weight that I am adding below the tops of the frame rails will help keep the CG as low as possible. We'll see.

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