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The Raven

Continued pictures of the drive shafts.

The universals came out pretty decent, and the trunnions also. They really look kind of cool put together, and ended up weighing quite a bit. Overall they are about 9" long each, and that's almost all 1/2" diameter solid 4340 steel. I'm hoping they don't break ;-)

[Update, 07/26/2012. The mild steel was a bad idea. As beautiful as these look in the photos, years later they are deeply rusted. I did not protect them at all and the truck sat. I am going to replace them with off-the-shelf telescoping (splined) stainless drive shafts. Yes, I realize that I've made nearly everything here, but I no longer have access to machinery and must resort to buying a few things. The good thing is the stock drive shafts from SDP will fit perfectly. That is incredible luck, to say the least. As usual, there is a huge downside... they are costly (heavy too, but I don't care). Within the next couple of months I am hoping to order them and then fab some bushings so they adapt to the input and output shafts on the differentials. One more good thing - the mild steel shafts you see pictured were rather shaky. I don't mean weak or anything, but because of my machining skills the trunnions rattle while turning. That drives me nuts. So, some CNC-made shafts will do the trick.]

I also replaced the ugly suspension link mounts on the axles. The new design is adjustable and looks worlds better, if you ask me.

The old mounts, looking cheesy (and I can't believe I lived with them for so long!):

And the new:

They are not only better looking, but fully adjustable allowing for improved alignment of the axles. Considering the goofball differential design, there was no previous possibility of changing the angle without machining the suspension links. That was bad planning, but at least it drove me to redesign the mounts.

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