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So, after all these years since the last update much has taken place to keep me away from continuing production on this mess. Previously I displayed photos and a bit of description on the drive shafts. Shortly after that period I was able to complete and install them. Too much work! One more shot of the completed shafts mounted to the original motor, transmission, and center differential.

Once those were finished and installed, I decided to continue in the same vein of replacing parts which were purchased with parts I made myself. The next logical step in this was the shock absorbers and springs. After seeing so many examples of scale coil-over shocks I became enamored with the look of internally sprung suspension. After weeks of design work, I began to gather materials for machining my own stainless versions of these. What a fucking pain. But, as one of my coworkers continued to point out, I made everything else from scratch... why not the shocks? Yeah, thanks. Progress below.

I had a hell of a time deciding upon the overall length and diameter of the shocks, and the travel was a bit of a pain too. In the end, I figured that they needed roughly 1 1/2" of travel and that became the point from which I could calculate the body length. Also, I wanted them to be spaced similar to the original Clodzilla cantilevers. The angle was not terribly important, but the look of the Clodzilla was attractive so I ended up placing the fixed ends part way down the frame rail instead of along the top. Of course, the damned steering rig was mounted off to one side of the chassis on the frame rail and the shock location interfered. Because of this, I was forced to move the steering block up to the top chassis plate. Relocation of the mechanicals for the steering also served to ease the cable tension and the system worked more smoothly. Who knew? Whatever...

Anyway, here are some photos of the progress on the shocks:

The materials are as follows: stainless bodies; 4340 steel for the shafts and ends; Teflon packings and pistons; blued-steel clips. I actually opted for sanitary stainless for the body material because of the smooth finish on the inside. That way I avoided any need to polish and the pistons can travel smoothly. As for the springs... well... I am still going over materials and rates. That is a tough call because the truck is not yet to its curb weight. Fortunately, they are easy to change.

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