The Beginning
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The Raven

Continued pictures of the shock absorbers and initial mounting.

They do seem to blend well with all of the aluminum and they mimic the original Clodzilla IV setup. I kind of wish I still had that little truck for comparison.

Once the shocks were mounted, I learned (as usual) of the issues with this design.

The holes in the ends are very small - clearance for a #4 screw - so the mounts are not terribly stout. This is no fun. The upper mounting points on the shock shafts are removable and can be redesigned and made easily. The lower holes, however, are part of the end cap and cannot be switched without machining the entire piece. Why did I do this? Well, I did not wish to see the ends overpower the look of the shafts (they are only .187" in diameter) so I made them small, resulting in a tiny mounting hole. As usual, the look of the parts and overall vehicle pushed me to make substandard mounts. Now they need to be reengineered. The shaft ends are threaded 6-32 which means I can find rod ends to fit. Those are readily available. The lower points are not so simple, though. I will come up with something eventually. There is plenty of time.

On the upside, they dook look great. Overall, I am pleased with their size relative to the chassis and they match beautifully. Plus, the steering control is on the top of the chassis and looks much better than off to one side. The side mount always bothered me. The steering motor can now be placed between the frame rails, keeping everything fairly compact.

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