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Recent inspriation to operate hydraulic brakes on this crazy vehicle has pushed me to change the hub and wheel style in order to fit brake discs. Since the discs in question mount to a 17mm square, I had to design adapters which will cap the brass hex drives and add a bit of track as well as allowing enough room for the disc and caliper. Also, since the drive style has changed to use the discs, this means new wheels which mount to the same square. Ugh. Out with the smaller beadlocks and in with the huge British wheels and tires which are designed to fit an FG off-road vehicle. This also means once the adapters for the wheels arrive, I still need to design mounts for the calipers at each corner of the vehicle because the truck was not originally designed to have brakes.

This is only about the tenth time I have added something nutty and end up modifying other existing parts. Hence the timeline from 2002.

As can be seen below, the new wheels are a hell of a lot larger than those I had purchased from RC4WD years ago. The original tires were roughly 6.5" tall and the new tires are 8.5" tall. This is quite a difference and brings up the worry of the entire truck being so tall that it will be unstable, even at lower speeds. Once the cage is added, the overall height will be dramatic. Hopefully the ballast of so much unsprung weight will assist in keeping upright.

The photos show a mock up of how the discs and wheels will look once the adapters arrive. I had to adjust the height to allow for the increased tire diameter. One positive is the new wheels have more offset toward the outside so the tires should not interfere with the suspension links. I had this problem after the last lengthening of the wheelbase.

The mounts for the calipers are going to look strange but will also remain rather hidden with the wheels mounted. Since the steering knuckles are rounded, and the calipers are of a different radius, I am going to need to draw them up in a manner which hopefully looks decent. The master cylinder is toward the rear between the frame rails and the fit of that was pure luck. I had no idea of what to expect when I ordered the braking system and the aluminum not only matches the frame, but is nestled between the rails with absolutely no interference with anything.

Below is a side view to show the style of the wheels and the fact that the huge diameter is beginning to make the rest of the chassis look rather small. The overall length from tire to tire will be over 29" when mounted.

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