Due to the nature of the internet in general, and the content here in particular, a description and identification section for citing image credit has become necessary. Several sites around the web are available for writing blogs, adding images, etc., and users can seek, save, and repost images from wherever. This is commonplace in these late days, but we would like to clarify exactly why this practice has become necessary for the site content, and minimize any fallout which may occur over displaying someone else's work here.

There are four types of images which may be displayed throughout this web site:

- Proprietary digital images shot and owned by the site administration
- Copyrighted photographs and digital images shot by other photographers and shared on the site
- Digital images displayed on publicly-available and unlocked social media
- Logos, title bars, navigational image maps, and ads/links created by the Coma staff

Images shot by us throughout December 2010 in and around the Indio, Palm Springs, Niland, and Salton Sea areas are Copyright © RS Engineering. Some of these are displayed amidst 'The Salton Sea and the Heartbreak' entry from the fall of 2016. Others are included in 'The Train of Life' from March of 2017, as well as 'The Crushing and the Fish', 'The Pain and the Palms', and 'The Need and the Salt' from 2015. Other digital images and photographic scans have been displayed within the entry entitled 'The Cave and the Period' from fall of 2016. Various other images have cropped up on other pages, but you get the point. Any questions about digital media can be addressed to us.

Image scans and illustrations within the Autosound section of the site are Copyright © David Navone, Richard Clark, and Carl Miller. They have been reprinted from the original articles located in many sites around the web. Images of the female form have been gathered from several social media sites as well as Tumblr blogs where they have been shared and/or reposted. These images display no copyright nor photo credit, and as such are considered to be in the public domain. If you see an image or multiple images which YOU own or originated that is/are displayed within this domain -- on any page -- and wish it removed and/or credited, please contact us and we will cite proper credit or eliminate the image(s) as you require.

All images within this domain are Copyright © their respective owners and we do not claim ownership of any images other than those stated and described above.

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