The Beginning
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The Raven

The Darkest Of Beauty


Shoulders, neck, arms, hands, chest, legs, face. Just olive.

Her silky black hair draped and flowed over smooth skin as waves of a forbidden ocean. An ocean to be traveled not in haste, but in enamored wonder. An ocean of dreams. Every step of the eye... every movement of every feature... flawless... completely. Every breath she pulled caused her torso to move in harmony, and attempting to describe her motions is as futile as prominent minds of the past attempting a description of the sea to a soul without sight. Flowing perfection with each small breath, each graceful yet subtle expansion of her torso, each limb movement, and each eyelid drop. Even her breathing was unreal. The rest was nearly without description.

The numbers were absolutely engraved within her beautiful skin. Numbers we do not know, do not understand, but cannot live without. We must know all of them... every curve defined, every taper compared, every diameter recorded. Recorded as permanently as her form has been burned into our psyche like nothing else on earth. Burned and having caused a staggering gradient between everyday life and the vision that is her. The numbers are our nemesis, our struggle, and eventually they will be our end. Our lives are respectfully and humbly reduced to her numbers.


She wore a tank, low-rise jeans, light wrap, and small, black laced leather shoes with three-inch heels. Her position as seated with arms across table provided a dramatic contrast between the size of her breasts and nearly nonexistent midsection. Such a stark difference is rare, and unbelievably beautiful. Her waist was very diminutive, with only the slightest distortion from being seated with a forward bend. Such low body fat and staggering definition yields a shape unequaled in other forms of structure.

She was fairly tall... mid-five-foot. The heels she wore transformed what was an already perfectly flowing gait into something difficult to describe. Her motions were dreamy, ethereal... somehow goddess-like in their fluidity and form. The tapers of her thighs indicated a mesmerizing ratio between upper and lower sections, and the inner gaps were very apparent and showed off the disparity of her legs. Above, her hips demonstrated a blinding curve and dramatic increase over the diameter of her waist. A guess at the magical ratio would be less than seventy percent (and possibly nearer to sixty). Unbelievable. Every step of her legs from the ankles to the most personal curve was like gazing upon a lesson in the use of the French Curve template. She stood upon examples of the finest model-material dimensions. Absolutely stunning.

Her wrists were very thin and tapered upward to shoulders which appeared sharp and extremely well-defined. As the numbers rose toward her elbow, the taper was slight yet very effective at showing off slender arms which appeared long and lean and matched her legs wonderfully. Her upper arms showed absolutely no musculature distortion when held at her sides. This indicates very low body fat coupled with nicely defined muscles underneath. There was no strict definition showing, however, only smooth skin covering her perfection. Her shoulders provided fantastic framing of the entire upper body and were quite sharp, yet soft. From each side her amazing posture was demonstrated through the gentle curves of her upper back as they transitioned from an outward curve to a nearly flat surface across her blades. Again, no definite musculature, just smooth skin following graceful curves. The shoulder radii led upward and inward to smooth clavicles and into a column of flesh and beauty beyond any qualified description. Her neck was symmetrical, narrow, defined, and very smoothly caused the eyes to follow every detail. Upward, and into her jet black hair the lines softly outlined her jaw, chin, and unbelievably full lips. Above, she carried a beautifully curvy nose between jutting cheekbones and huge, emotional, and very soft-gazing eyes. Every inch of her face worked together... every small feature... every expression... and the result was almost too much to bear without a tear. A goddess, to be sure.

Etched perfection

Below, the extreme narrowness of her waist led deceivingly upward and into the sides of her chest where a very round and full pair of breasts rested within her grey bra padding. The tank failed to fully hide her undergarment and the small taper which led down to the bra's pink bow pointed clearly to a cup size which complemented the beautiful contrast between her chest, arms, shoulders and waist. She was unreal from every angle. We attempted to learn of numbers, but they were elusive. Her magnificent disparity, her incredible tapers, and the sheer darkness of her dimensions soon placed us outside our minds. The relationship between her waist, thighs, and shoulders formed a clear image of the precise type of form we have sought for years, and to see that type of beauty and harmony directly before us was an experience not to be taken lightly.

'Your charms so rare
My flesh laid bare
In arms we dare'

Dark beauty. So very dark and overpowering, we were captured. She had us within her darkness, and the space was stirring with her pull upon our senses. The space was full... it was all of her... it was all because of her. The darkness pulled upon our need to disrupt, to escape, to dream, and to understand. Still, there is no understanding as to the unbelievable and unreal darkest of beauty before us. We sat in that space... we sat for hours and wondered: Can there be a way out? Can there be anything else? The answer is decidely tentative, and the honest fact is that she is all of it... darkness, form, fluidity, flow, femininity... and having sufficiently floored us we are finished. How? Understanding her level is for naught. Her dimensions, her radii, her disparity. Just her.

The goddess beyond reason

Seeing her walk across the room more than once sent our thoughts into the stratosphere and beyond; there was to be no return. We are still there in a fog of wonder and thrall. We cannot see a way back. Forever we will attempt to extend our vision beyond the norm... beyond rational thought... beyond everything. In the end, however, we will only see her."