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This archive of entries represents all of the writing displayed on the site through 2019. The original page was becoming too long so everything has been split. For 2020 and newer, please visit the other archive. First time visitors may wish to read from the earliest titles. The latest essay typically appears at the bottom of each section -- unless published out of order, in the case of continuing stories -- at the time the entry appears on the main index. Upon publishing something new, the previous titles remain here. The archived notes in silver regarding site status, developments, etc., have been left at the top of each writing. Toward the bottom remain the older archives which are organized by year and month.

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02-10-2015 The Air
02-19-2015 The Rope
02-22-2015 The Fall
03-08-2015 The Crushing and the Fish
03-16-2015 The Need and the Salt
04-05-2015 The Pain and the Palms
06-13-2015 The Gap, the Bridge, and the Blood
07-07-2015 The Frenchman and Her
07-24-2015 1236, the Dream, and the Hatred
10-05-2015 Damage at the Express Checkout
11-15-2015 The Loss of Her

03-06-2016 Five Foot Eight and Fallout
08-07-2016 The Obsession and the Understanding
09-03-2016 Dimensional Passion and the Raven
09-10-2016 The Cave and the Period
09-18-2016 The Wind, the Windows, and the Wires
09-26-2016 The Two Women, the Fringe, and the Frying Pan
10-03-2016 The Slipper, the Brunette, and the Bubble
11-13-2016 The Salton Sea and the Heartbreak

02-06-2017 The Ratio of God and the Coffee Line
02-19-2017 The Cut Line and the Realization
02-26-2017 Julianne and the Distance
03-04-2017 The End of All Things and Julianne... Again
03-08-2017 The Barback and the Fishbait
03-11-2017 The Train of Life
03-19-2017 The Passion and the Impossibility
03-20-2017 The Fn=Fn-1+Fn-2 Girl and the Face
03-23-2017 Julianne and the Bearing Surface
03-26-2017 The Elixir and the Void
04-09-2017 The Danger and the Security
04-16-2017 The Fork and the Equation
04-23-2017 The Safe and the Crests
05-07-2017 The Raven's Influence
07-16-2017 The Blonde, the Market, and the Drunken Blonde
07-22-2017 Val's Restaurant and Lounge
07-27-2017 Hanging From the Mezzanine of Life
08-05-2017 The Failing Fantasy and Alexis
08-13-2017 The Barista and the Waves

    10-13-2017 I -- The Brunette, Michelle, Diane, and the Goblet
    11-07-2017 II -- The Goddess and the Gratification
    11-12-2017 III -- Death, the Dreadnought, and the Departure
    11-18-2017 IV -- The Goddess and the Scene of the Crime
    11-26-2017 V -- The Fineness, the Fragility, and the Finality
    12-09-2017 VI --The Knife, the Drop, and the Ocean
    12-15-2017 VII --Three Doors Down
    12-23-2017 VIII --The Illness and the Isolation
    12-28-2017 IX --The Transition and the Trial
    12-30-2017 X --The Raven and the Rage
    02-05-2018 XI --The Chair, the Project, and the Perpetual Aftermath

01-06-2018 The Misery and the Majesty
02-10-2018 The Israeli and the Isolated Slide
02-17-2018 Chains
02-24-2018 Four Days

    03-04-2018 I -- The Dash, the Bartender, and Juliette
    03-17-2018 II -- Jasmine and the Bleeding Prostitute
    03-24-2018 III -- La Perla, the Seahorse, and the Night
    04-01-2018 IV -- The Passenger and the Redirect
    04-07-2018 V -- The Venetian, the Veer, and the Veil
    04-14-2018 VI -- Furnace Creek and the Forbidden Word
    04-22-2018 VII -- The Angel and the Addiction
    04-29-2018 VIII -- The Island and the Cigarette Girl
    05-12-2018 IX -- Second Skin
    06-10-2018 X -- The Damage Path
    08-12-2018 XI -- Sin
    09-15-2018 XII -- The Voice of Blood
    10-15-2018 XIII -- Drunken Junkie
    11-10-2018 XIV -- The Heroin and the Hell
    12-08-2018 XV -- Ellie and the Exit
    02-23-2019 XVI -- The Wreckage
    06-08-2019 XVII -- Astral Karma

07-03-2018 Untitled
07-22-2018 Untitled
10-01-2018 Eden and the Edge
10-28-2018 Untitled
11-23-2018 Falling Away
12-25-2018 The Girl at the Show

01-01-2019 The Server and the Separation
01-27-2019 Set It on Hell
03-10-2019 Evan, the Black, and the Deadly Fluid

06-02-2019 Untitled
06-15-2019 Our Man Bashir
06-22-2019 Sex and Suicide
06-29-2019 The Hand of Satan

    07-06-2019 I -- Memphis and Mayhem
    07-13-2019 II -- Rachel and Recklessness
    07-21-2019 III -- Shades of Ashley
    08-14-2019 IV -- Jack and Jill

07-07-2019 Untitled
08-17-2019 Phase Lock
08-25-2019 The Detour and the Destruction
09-07-2019 Final Flight I
09-14-2019 Final Flight II
10-12-2019 Final Flight III
10-18-2019 Flip
10-30-2019 Turn
11-03-2019 Drop
11-09-2019 Black

Prior to 'The Air' in February of 2015 the entries were not titled in the current fashion. They are a mess, and can be found in the pages below.


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