The main contact addresses have been removed as they are no longer necessary. One point of contact is all that we need in these late days. Although you are welcome to send email to the webmaster concerning these articles and topics, please be advised that I am not able to respond to all email in a timely manner. I do my best, however, and in most cases you may expect a response within 48 hours.

And what is the email address?

At more than one of my former ISPs, I used an electronically-readable email address on web pages and in discussion forum postings. This resulted in an astounding volume of Spam (95% of over 1000 messages per month). Consequently, you'll need to construct the admittedly obvious email address by hand:


Please remove the guard when using this address. Some sections of the site are continuously in flux, and as a result any contact may meet with delays. We appreciate your patience.

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The Guide, the Journey, the Destination.


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