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The Raven


Welcome to the electronic world of REN and RSE. This site serves as a tool for displaying writing, photography, weblogs, other projects, and to support the engineering aspect of the organization. I have created several sections to ensure ease of navigation, and these are available via the left menu:

  • Coma -- default linking to main index.

  • Writing -- the entire weblog history, including individual essays

  • About -- general information noting the site purpose, layout, etc.

  • Contact -- information regarding speaking with me

  • Privacy -- the privacy policy for the entire site, legally required

  • Terms -- the site terms of use, also required

  • Credits -- imaging use and crediting for all graphics herein

Throughout the past few years, the focus had centered upon the design and build of my RC vehicle the 'Clodmaster' as well as articles covering laserdisc technology and autosound. I have written (and continue to write) a long descriptive article on the Clodmaster with photos and technical information with sections dated for clarity. This will continue when work is available and significant steps are taken toward its completion. In the meantime, the section has been removed (04-03-2018) due to lack of progress and very little interest.

The latest evolution of the weblog (and essays) has been my ongoing obsession with the mathematics and mechanics of female physical attractiveness, along with stories from my personal past as they relate to the same. The lion's share of web space since early 2015 has been devoted to exploration of this topic. Of course, such an endeavor is extremely subjective and has proven quite the flytrap for backlash. The staff and I will continue in this vein despite any criticism. The command we enjoy as an organization with privately-held web space and domain ownership allows this type of study without restriction. The future of this work will remain tasteful and tactful, however, just as it began. This is also the genesis of Dimensional Passion and I will structure Coma to align with the new site once production time is realized. [Update 06-10-2018: DP has been killed]

The site will also continue to be used as a sounding board for my rampant thought processes. Editorial on a variety of topics -- as well as information on the evolution of the site itself -- is displayed periodically on the main index, sorted by time (newest always at the top) and archived in a reverse fashion. This is also space allowed for the staff to report site development, changes and other news. Below the familiar silver text appears the gray-italic weblog which is typically of a personal nature. Please be aware that language is not monitored, and I am aware of the sensitive nature of this type of emotional exploration. If you wish to issue a comment or some general feedback on any posting, photo, or editorial, you can do so through the email address provided below. I am considering adding some sort of comment system (FB, Disqus, etc.) for allowing visitors to leave their thoughts.

Some visitors have stated that there is too much effort here for so little content, but I honestly do my best to provide a fairly interesting, comfortable, and easy to navigate atmosphere.

Of course, while the site was young there were many changes over short periods which resulted in a very haphazard appearance. Recently I have worked toward streamlining the content but I must admit the battle is a steep grade. Technology and languages change so quickly that by the time I have things in order I find the site a year behind the world and the staff response leaves a bit to be desired, to say the least. Regardless, the simplistic theme here will continue as much as possible. At some point in the past I made the decision to keep the layout table with two columns and I believe it helps to speed load times. The look is not terribly flashy or exciting, but I have no reason to create a dramatic 'Disneyland' out of this web space. The process of information exploration and exchange is paramount.

There are few ads here, aside from the occasional message that is deemed important enough (by yours truly) to be displayed, and on some of the index pages can be found a leaderboard above the footer. Most of the ads and PSAs have been created by me. In order to properly credit the software and systems involved, I opted to simply place them in this section for reference. Building this miniature empire was made possible by some wonderful products from Microsoft (namely the excellent .NET framework and Visual Studio), Adobe, and Ipswitch. I would also like to include the services and interface from's Network Solutions, as well as the W3C and their endless tools and wisdom. Without them this content would be highly convoluted (even more than it already is... hehe).

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The Obsidian Wraith

Site Design Philosophy:

The priorities are (from most to least important):

-accurate content
-informative content
-speed of access
-ease of reading
-accessibility to the visually impaired
-fluffy style and visual candy

Although you are welcome to send email to the webmaster concerning these articles and topics, please be advised that I am not able to respond to all email in a timely manner. I do my best, however, and in most cases you may expect a response within 48 hours.

And what is the email address?

At more than one of my former ISPs, I used an electronically-readable email address on web pages and in discussion forum postings. This resulted in an astounding volume of spam (95% of over 1000 messages per month). Consequently, you'll need to construct the admittedly obvious email address by hand:


Within the contact page there are other addresses for comments or concerns regarding the various sections of the site. All input is welcomed.

Thank you for visiting.


Site creation: February 12, 2002
Information updated: August 26, 2018


The Guide, the Journey, the Destination.


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