Anno 2005

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01/30/05 10:21 pst

After another lengthy hiatus, I'm sure everyone expects some big changes and plenty of content to go around. Well, keep waiting. The wheels of everything move along damned slowly. Time in support of the site is at an all time record crawl and the fluidity I once enjoyed is proving absent. Further, in an attempt to tidy up the content, I find that a certain solidity of purpose can be achieved through simplicity and ease of view. In the case of most of the pages here, the affair of amendment and brevity may prove tedious.

"Do you ever feel that you have entered or discovered something wonderful, but then soon after realize that you have come in at the end of an era for that particular situation or experience? Or, quite possibly the trailing edge of something that is changing forever? This type of feeling can be very detrimental to the very spirit of a person, and can also serve to create an entirely new flavor of cynic. This is disconcerting, and I must say that I will not be disparaged -- not even a little.

The latest realization on the front of life is the above stated fact, and the case of so many of us having been dropped into our lives in this worn-out and used-up society. Things are not improving and look to be foggy in the near to near-distant future. Many spend their lives pushing an arduous journey into the scenery behind the scrim of the past and into and upon a mountain of responsibilities to the environment and our current anthropology. Those wanderers of the past with their groundbreaking discoveries in technological progress, coupled with a distinct lack of vision to, and consideration for, those of us left with the task of cleaning up their bastardized party of consumption, should pull focus on the animosity and disdain we now hold toward their flagrant disrespect and misuse of our home and future. To tidy up my statements, we are left with the disgusting after-party of impossible repair and continuance. I, for one, do not plan to help as the past pioneers push into senility. I choose to watch and laugh.

And another thing! Oh, I'm just kidding. I'll try not to go nuts on this topic, but it is difficult. My distaste with our current public is bad enough to send me packing.

So much for listening."

03/14/05 18:16 pst

The site remains as it has been since anno 2005 beginning. Perhaps inspiration will rise from the forests and this content will find form at long last.

Perhaps not.

"Well, who knows the future? None of us. However, the past will continue to prevail as the light of the world. There is a need for direction here -- not continuance as a sounding and rant forum, mind you -- but some other, new direction. There is a possibility that the Prosperity will creep in from time to time, but nothing is certain here, and the progression of time will fall prey to mood and opportunity. If something flies by that I might deem web-worthy, that something may materialize here.

ras algethi

I have been in search of information and possibly some music from an Italian band called Ras Algethi in recent years. After many searches, I learned the band has been no more since ~1995 and had only two CD releases in their short time recording. The first was an EP titled 'Oblinitas Satanas' and was three tracks totaling about 29 minutes of music. The second release a year later was the full-length 'Oneiricon: The White Hypnotic' and is one of the most elusive titles I have ever sought. I still have naught for MP3 material or even samples, and only a track listing in text form. It is difficult in the extreme to communicate with an Italian record label, and the fact that the CD was limited in release does not assist my quest either.

I have also unearthed the band's original members that regrouped into what is now known as 'Canaan' and apparently create similar panaceas of epic landscapes and compositions fraught with despair and deep emotion as did the former gathering. I will soon encounter this music and report promptly thereafter.

The north is calling. It has called in the past, but from another direction (sounds odd, doesn't it?). Vegas used to call, and still does from time to time, however that is more of an atmospheric food-and-drink sort of dynamic. Vegas can be threateningly powerful often enough, but it is still just a playground of the resource-fattened. Thus, the Vegas pull is something that can be attended to from other places (some which lie within...). This newer draw of northern skies is not so simple. It represents the cold and dark, the past of glory and fanfare, the period of the hunt and the brotherhood. It holds legends of night and victory. It holds, in essence, a past that should be... Again.

The north has always been elusive to the majority of the populace and holds the lion's share of cold, engulfing darkness. For most -- and even the most outspoken explorers -- there is little to pull them from warmth and light for too long. After all, who doesn't enjoy beautiful sunshine and the openness of a sprawling sandy paradise? Palm trees and tropical climates are the stuff of dreams. The general idea of snowy, freezing and dim conditions represents a time of hibernation, regrouping and preparation for the coming spring and sun -- not really a haven for travel outside the typical skier's weekend.

For me, on the other hand, the north country glows with a light unseen in the more southerly areas. This light is an ever-present reminder of the frontier of the past; the frontier not only of the open and free lands of the Americas, but the frontier of the mind and soul. This is a barrier so severe that there can be no concern possible of infiltration by the masses.


As far as I know, not many venture from warmth to cold without good reason (or some motivation from pursuit) and it's incredible to me how few of us feel that it can be an escape. True, there is much to offer in the populated areas of the world, and the vast majority doubtless feels that the advantages and ease of dealing with climate are well worth the difficulties and compromises. Personally, I enjoy the thought of some change and contrast rather than the continuing blinder-enshrouded view and lifestyle that exists in one place for all time."

04/06/05 20:22 pst

I had overheard a rumor today in reference to the work situation. I had recently thought that it may be drying up much more quickly than had been originally assumed, but now it seems that all is well for the next twelve months or so. The layoffs feared earlier on in the quarter seem to have already happened (according to the federal grapevine). Most of the buyout offers have gone by the wayside now, and a few have embraced such and are on the way out, if not already ghosts. Even as the forest whispers in the background of the tumultuous waters of that sacred land, the numbers are diminishing and will likely never be seen again. This is sad. Such a wondrous place and time; such an awesome power of thought and creativity lost for all time to the dust in the troughs. I suppose had any control been available to manipulate circumstances early on, our fearful author would not have entered the parade with the flotsam so close at hand. It may be true that the end time of an honored and revered society within the fences is dwindling -- kicking and screaming though it is -- forever. :-(

So...why do I feel this way after only a diminutive tenure? Well, that should have been obvious from the beginning. You should have kept up.

On other fronts, the SuperTwo section is disgustingly overdue for some type of new content. The construction has progressed at a staggering rate these past few weeks, and had also in the past (though you'd never know it here!). At last update for this endless project, the motor had not yet been installed, and the body mounts were the last to be completed and added to the chassis. I am sorry to say I have been overly lazy and sluggish with regard to images and details, but my time has been stretched and twisted into directions I never thought possible. I need to make up for that, so here we go...

As it now stands, the lower suspension mount and sway bar pivots are attached to the lower chassis, and the links added (although, as a result of lousy planning, I had to recently machine some material away from the rod ends as they proved to be a bit larger than I had originally envisioned). Of course, the links are just hanging there waiting for attachment to the axle housings. The upper links are also now mounted to the frame rails and are similarly swinging free. The first motor is mounted to the rear of the chassis plate, and the pinion engages a gearbox that I appropriated out of a 1958 Aerocommander's original autopilot system. The motor is from the same, and the intention was to drive the center differential off said gearbox and distribute power to the axles thusly. Since assembling this mess, I believe I will eventually change it out in favor of a MaxCim high-torque motor (I went through a nitro phase as well, but it's just too noisy for some of the areas in which I wish to run this truck) and controller. This combo will provide an unlimited supply of torque to the wheels and will remain very quiet.

The stock Ofna differentials have been freed of their hideous plastic composite cases and mounted inside my own designed cases machined from aluminum and assembled just today for the first time. What a demented idea that was! (On the upside, they look really cool. Images here in two days.) The next step in the drivetrain is fabrication of the axle housings and suspension clamps. I should be able to begin working the material on Monday next, and will likely be able to load bearings and dogbones within a few weeks. I'm hoping to debut the chassis with axles mounted and sprung by the first of June. Once this is complete, we should be looking at about 17-19 lbs. of chassis gear. (Ouchy!!) I don't even want to venture a guess at the completed weight with electronics.

Speaking of electronics, I believe the first order of business is the simplicity of forward/reverse and steering. A 3-channel PCM radio will be the tool of choice in the beginning. Once construction of the ancillary equipment nears completion, we will need at least 9 channels of control for everything. Best case would be two radios -- one for drive and the other for the flock of tertiary support. We're probably going to be into the electronics to the tune of three large, to use the parlance of the Sopranos. That's $3000+ to you and me. Oy.

As far as other areas, the Superheat content has gone nowhere, as has the story of Chrystal, legacy pages and assorted other content with which I have done nothing. This is a result of the taxing of my time by other sources (namely work) and will be improved upon as soon as my six numbers come to fruition. Hee. In reality, I apparently started so many sections with the hopes of creating something wonderful here that I ended up focusing on the more pressing areas and the remainder fell behind. Some parts have been removed, and this will likely happen to more and more of the site as time passes this year.

04/08/05 13:11pst


Great news! The [Link removed.] SuperTwo site has been updated as of today, and there are many more pictures of the chassis and differentials. This was a long time in process, and it's nice to see some further progress.

"It has occurred to me of late, where are the beasts of yesteryear? What happened to the mysterious, hidden lairs of the past? Has the light of progress and technology illuminated all that is to be? If this is true, for what do we search? And, perhaps the critical question of the day, when we finally seek beyond, may we eventually find nothing? Does Leviathan await the unfortunate and weak?

A bit heavy you say -- well, I can understand that. It is a tad much for a quiet Thursday evening. It is important, nonetheless, to explore each variation on the theme of the future. For example, some have no vision whatsoever, and thus yield no practical ideology as to what they should be sowing now. Others think of the future as something with no mystery or discovery at all, everything laid out and preplanned for all time (such as it is). Not nice.

Still others yet do have an inkling of thought toward the possibility that there may indeed be something else, and while the journey toward an unknown is not without uncertainty, it does swell with possibility -- the two go hand in hand. All of the passing time is decidedly not flying, and any end or similar turning point is unimaginable within reason and rational thought. Frightening? Maybe just a little.

Maybe not.

I think of this type of situation as no big deal. Supposing we do end up in Valhalla among the gods, I believe there is no way now of knowing this for sure. You may disagree, and if so, I would love to hear an intelligent non-Christian viewpoint. Drop me a note on the subject. I would love to hear what some think about the idea of me having anything intelligent to say without cluttering my thoughts and typing with detritus.

On the other side of things, there are cultures which offer much along these lines and it's really pathetic the number of robots inhabiting this spinning globe that fail to seek anything within that sphere. It spiders out, making the possible available to all, yet it remains taboo. This is fine with me... With only small numbers of chaotic neutrality, the balance and levels remain. The balance is critical, mind you, and must discern the weak from the strong, the tallow from the hoof.

What the heck am I saying here? I'm not happy you must ask. Read and reread. Absorb, or ignore -- I really won't notice either. There are few that will care. Ouchy.

The answers are undoubtedly in the North. Perhaps, one day, the whispers from the trees will carry me there -- carry me to the forests of the past, to the heathen landscape of beasts and fires, to the calling hills and streams... To my home among the living and the dead alike -- to the place of dreams."


I really need another road trip of some flavor. Preferably a long trip. We had ventured into Death Valley and Las Vegas in the latter half of June, and that was really nice. The Powell adventure went south as a result of a lack of serious commitment from others, and the time was available to journey into the nether regions with the only folks we can count on -- ourselves.

welcome to vegas

On the SuperTwo front, things are progressing steadily. The axle housings, which I dreaded machining, are complete and mounted to the differentials. I have also made the spindles for all four wheels, and the small spacers that separate the spindle from the steering yoke. Now that the spacers are completed, I can get into the task of the ever-present axle innards. These are not terribly complex, nor are they difficult to machine, but have proven to be quite time-consuming in the design. Probably no more than a couple hours' work, but still, it seems a lifetime right now. Pictures are up. Find your way [Link removed.] there.


There is not much going on now, just work and SuperTwo. The site is just cruising for the time being. One section which I am anxious to further is Superheat, and the next few weeks will be pushed into such. The event is still quite a ways off, but the present work has never been more crucial. Time.

In other areas, I've looked into the domain change yet again (this would represent the fifth such occasion since our inception 3 1/2 years ago), and it's not good. After so many top-level domain searches and attempts, one would think the idea would eventually bear fruit, but to no avail. The trudging will continue, however, and may one day flow like ideas of the past. Along the same lines, the renaming of SuperTwo has proven equally empty. Again, time.


No regular update at this time, just some info on the truck...

mock up

I have found a suitable replacement name for SuperTwo. That crazy project will now be known as the [Link removed.] Clodmaster, as an homage to the great predecessor, the Clodzilla family of aftermarket kits. A far cry from the original Clodbuster, to be sure. This little monster is moving along better than I had expected considering the time frame. The outer axles and differentials are assembled and mounted to the chassis. The 8 shocks are installed and operating as well as can be figured right now, and the wheels and tires are mated and on the spindles. As you can see above, the first mock-up of the chassis and body looks decent. Below, the chassis after adding springs finally can hold itself up. Overall, we're looking at 28" long by 16 1/2" wide by 16" tall. Quite a bit larger than any of the kits, but still only 1/6 scale. More construction info can be found [Link removed.] here.

sprung chassis


The earth is still turning, but this content seems to be halted. Oy.

Inspiration is flowing like mud in a freezer, and I have no idea of the time of defrosting. Funny how cold should be mentioned when it's so warm outside lately. Maybe that's some kind of opposite thingy, like 'jumbo shrimp'. Or maybe it's me yearning for Winter as usual. Who is to know?

So I suppose the abundance of text from the last couple of years is in need of new blood, having become mostly boring. I've been quite busy with OTN projects and weekend trips. Summer is always a stagnant season with regard to the site, and this year proves no different. Pictures always helped in the past, but now those areas are very small and restricted with very little interest from the viewing public. It's possible to change this in the future, but if there is only the occasional visitor what would be the point?

east coast

Isn't it amazing how much random crap ends up between the text here? Sometimes, I'll admit, the pictures relate very closely to the type, but others do not, and are provided merely as something to ponder. Perhaps even an image that will conjure some such essence of the past for someone other than myself. The sign above had been the ad logo for a rock house in Okinawa which was originally printed upon a book of matches -- their sole source of advertising. It ended up in my wallet after leaving the island and years later was measured and enlarged into a scale illustration before finally finding itself in the scanner and, subsequently, into Photoshop for some cleanup. It has been sitting idle on the hard drive for many years now and my hopes have always been to have the lovely design embroidered on the back of a jacket.

On the Clodmaster front, work has slowed again as I need to redesign the cantilevers and possibly the mounts for connection of the suspension links to the axles. These parts seemed like they would hold up to some abuse, but alas they have buckled under the mere pressure of my hands. The chassis can barely support itself even without the remaining drivetrain and electronics, and the need has arisen for 4 more coil-overs to replace the bypass shocks and even out the load on the cantilevers. Double-bearings in the cantilevers are also necessary to avoid any lateral travel that will wreak havoc on the small races. I'm still planning for electric power, much to the chagrin of the forum posters on RC Universe who feel anything over 1/8 scale should be a 'gasser'. To hell with the nitro! Gas would be nice, but I think too much torque would force me to remanufacture the axles and differentials, and that is something I simply will not do. Electric is the best option for less torque while still providing plenty of RPM range for a variety of applications. Brushless motors and reversing speed controls will be ideal, albeit very expensive. Time will tell.

And another thing, I have visited CBS's web site as well as and learned that she will be starring in a new series this fall entitled 'The Ghost Whisperer' that looks like a promising way with which to show off her splendid acting talent. She has been missed since 'Party Of Five' and 'Time Of Your Life' with only a few appearances in feature films. I still prefer her gracing the silver screen, but I suppose we should be thankful she's in a starring role at all. Even better, the new show will be aired in HD.

Tune in next time for plenty of rants about the film industry as well as the auto industry and its own failures.


Well, the sun is shining and the drinks are flowing. What a lovely afternoon. The others are cruising the mean streets of GT4, and I'm plodding along at 4Mbits just wallowing away the time.

Time for some opinion!


The HD-DVD vs BluRay debate has heated considerably, and I certainly hope we don't end up with the same old battle that resulted in such a debacle back in the day of the first VCRs. I honestly believe if the consumer public was a bit more hesitant in embracing new technologies, there would be ample time for manufacturers to R&D new products without worry of rumor and speculation. We know what effect this type of situation can have on the release of media as well as the stock and real estate industries. Information has been enabled in the extreme and become the only real power. It's always been power, of course, but now it will steer the sheep of society into whatever direction it feels will generate the richest profit.

Now, the parents of such patents as media and entertainment electronics have an infinite amount of dollars at their beck and call in order to assure themselves a place at the top of the sales heap. This in itself is as wrong as the robotic-consumer issue of galloping and gobbling up the latest equipment and furthering the gap between competitors. The money drives the product release coverage and advertising (Boo! Hiss!) through the roof and swallows the possibility of there being another product on the shelf with any thread of visibility. Add to this the support of the film studios and larger-than-life power players involved, and what you have is a fantastic burial of that which is underfunded. Eventually we have only one choice left to us -- to go with the shimmering flow, or go without. This is crap to the nth degree.

Don't worry, I have no brilliant proposal to end such situations, I'm just not happy with the debate, and I don't believe it will turn out well for one or more manufacturers. Between backward-compatibility issues and storage space, the end can't be pretty. As an HD watching consumer, I'm looking forward to the advancement of the picture, but the industry cost will doubtless be considerable.


On the upside, however, we're on the verge of yet another stream of HD programming which, once the dust settles, will likely glue us all to the blue flame like never before. Personally, I can't wait to replace my small DVD collection with something more worthy of the dollars. I say it in such terms because DVD has been the most overrated, overblown not-as-advanced-as-we-thought type of media ever to hit the market. I realize that it was an extreme advancement from VHS in terms of accessibility, resolution and storage, but it did not advance much on the previous (and lesser known) king of home theater. This cannot be disputed much, except for the fact that by the time DVD hardware broke the $100 mark, most consumers were displaying their beloved movies on a standard NTSC or PAL television, which was then restricting the reproduction to within the limits of the tube. A blue-flamer's nightmare.

But it didn't matter.

The viewing public had been blindsided by the addition of menus and features previously inaccessible by the typical moviegoer. There is also background into the film's production as well as other information running concurrent to the movie. This set of software thrilled people to no end. It still does now, years later. I'm certain the same will happen upon the widespread release of the new disc(s).

Unfortunately for people like me, there is no plane of control within this. The future of the film medium and the theatre environment is changing irrevocably, and with no prejudice. Let us not forget from where we have come.

thx logo


Flight mode.

I don't know how this begins exactly, but it always rolls through and takes a decent amount of time to cease. Sometimes rumors circulate, and at other times it is just a feeling that can overcome with no apparent trigger. The 'doom and gloom' talk that has been floating about since the last all-hands meeting has now diminished significantly, but still hangs on with the cling of sticky, clumpy March snow. No good can come from the focus on the negative. Those who perpetuate this flow must be silenced, lest the masses (and myself, presumably) become paranoid beyond the daily dose. We don't need this at all. Others paranoid = me pissed off.

So, what will happen? How come the flight mode? Well, two situations come to mind.

First, the work atmosphere. Word of more layoffs and CS losses came out in a meeting, and honestly, this has been expected. Most people hear this and they respond with stories of all of their past bad experiences and negative, downtrodden feelings toward the government and all of it's workings with respect to the agency. Personally, I can't seem to shift my motion in that direction. I would much rather enjoy the work and comfort at hand. Remain positive -- that sort of thing. It is true that the decision-making levels generally have more information than they will lead you to believe, but it is a shackle of responsibility that one inherits upon appointment to such a position. Truthfully, I don't like it any more than the masses, but I don't see the point in standing rigid in such an abhorrent flow. Step aside and watch, and much more will become apparent very quickly. In fact, the opportunity may arise to take up oar and help to redirect the path that just moments before was guiding all.

The Norsemen paid no mind -- so we shall follow. Not all will be lost, mind you, but little. Now, the title of this wee blog is 'flight'. Let me further the opening of eyes. Historically, the idea of escape has been one that was always in the bleach box, and always at the ready, to be sure. The far away peace calls often and the cold beckons every summer. The forests of life are teeming with possibilities of the hunt, forage and welcoming arms, and this will never change. Should the need arise, the trip is on. Not clear enough? I'm sorry -- I normally think this way so it becomes second nature. Let me be precise in word: Flight mode represents the worst-case situation that can arise and force a cascading change of scenery. In case of a serious scrape, the north pathways become the route of necessity. In such a case, there will have to be extensive preparation. Some has been completed in the past, but as things tend to unravel over time, the whole works has come undone.

The second of these irritating debacles is that which I refer to as the California Stupidity Clause. A section of the state constitution of which few natives have knowledge. It dictates that the laws governing the people will become so ridiculous, that they will eventually fail to govern and begin to hinder the normal function of the society to which they originally served, and in doing so will undo many years of economic and civil stability. What I am specifically referring to is the smog check system. The underlying point is to clean up (or, more precisely, minimize the corruption of) the air we breathe in pertinent counties. Now, I am more than willing to comply with whatever standards the state has mandated for automobiles. I feel that the guidelines and restrictions placed upon the ownership and licensing of automobiles are more than offset by the freedom with which they afford us. In no way can one compare the hours spent in compliance of the motor vehicle laws with the countless days and weeks and even months of travel to anywhere we choose. Such a small price.

Having said that, the point will continue. Complying with the smog check program is not a problem for the average consumer and vehicle. As the equipment we drive gets older, the state realizes the possibility of increased emissions can become a headache. The limits are stringent now, and anything after 1975 must be within view of the state. Also a result of age is the now infamous 'test-only' requirement that appears to a percentage of renewals. This can be for any number of reasons, one of which is a standard 2% of the cross section. My car was summoned to this half-assed type of test center because it fits what the state refers to as a 'gross polluter'. In truth, it passed the exhaust emissions section of the test as clean if not cleaner than much newer engines. The problem arose when it came time for the computer to communicate with the car's computer via the DLC (data link connector) to make sure the electronics are in order that notify the engine control computer in case of increased emissions or some other smog-related issue.

The communication link was not established, and thus the car was failed, to the tune of more than $60. The test-only station is just that -- a shop which can neither diagnose nor perform repairs on vehicles no matter what the problem. So my cash went to them, and I have no idea what the problem is. Nice money-making endeavor, to be sure.

My next step was to try and find the cause. After another shop informed me of no connection between the DLC and computer, they estimated 5 hours of labor to diagnose further. This is unacceptable. I took the car home and parked it, hoping for some inspiration. After a bit of time (this is not my daily-driver), I decided to appeal to the state BAR (bureau of automotive repair) referee to get an exemption. This made sense, after all, since the state's intention is lower the output of crap from the tailpipe. The inspector informed me that without the computer's diagnostic capabilities and its ability to inform me of a problem, the car will not be exempt. The emissions may be low now, but if something goes wrong in the future, the car will not be able to let me know. To his credit, however, he and his assistant did a great job of narrowing down the symptoms in the extreme and sent me on my way with some printed matter and no charge to me for their efforts. Still no license, but a great help. Hopefully I can find the problem and fix it. Then it's back to the test-only station to try again.

Now, these gentlemen helped me free of any charges, and even sent me off with copies of repair manual pages. They never officially tested the car on the machine, and thus no payment. The referee is located at a college, not a commercial shop.

I believe that the anxiety associated with this process stems from having no control over the future of my car.

Little worry, though -- the future is not so daunting now. Flight mode is a result of the culmination of many feelings all wrapped up and delivered in rapid succession, which usually passes for the most part, and what is left can be managed pretty well. Management can be taxing, however, and may spell disaster in the long run.

We'll see.


Autumn, at last. We have arrived.

As I have stated at length in the past, some things continue to change though the need is not apparent. As I sit in this flimsy chair sipping a classic, the magma of progress pushes us into a place unknown. This is unacceptable, and should be considered for a period before a decision on direction is made. To be clear, I'm unhappy with the rate at which the landscape changes, and I would like to relocate to a place where things move a bit more slowly. Perhaps a throwback to the 70's to provide the loving embrace of nostalgia. That was quite the warm decade, if nothing else. I have many memories of that time -- and most are good -- though some stand out and growl at me from afar.


Now, I realize that not all progression is to the negative. There are many instances of positive flow (not this content, mind you) around us, and it is with a smile that I reflect upon the goodness. With some of the most beautiful music taking flight from this machine, I can't help but be influenced into a place of lightness.

On a different subject, something will finally be done about the unfinished content in a few areas of the realm. The Story of Chrystal, The Grey Goose Flies Over The Boat, and Timelogs 04+ will be continued beginning with the latter, and will run consecutively until completion sometime next fall. The delays have been mounting and subsequently graded all of the fiction aside in favor of what was originally to be the newer matrix, a fluid and simplistic presence. As with all of my first attempts, the progress began in the mud, and slid backward to rest in the ice. The melt is imperative.


We will be migrating to new nameservers in a few days. This change is stemming from a need for faster email access coupled with some future flexibility to grow should that prove necessary. The website hosting at Yahoo! has been extremely reliable and easy to use until now, but there is no longer an upgrade option without switching to an SBC-Yahoo! account. As I would rather not be an SBC customer, this change is indeed a requirement.

Aside from the compliment of service above, I have to also state that Yahoo! has been an excellent vendor, both from a service and ease-of-use standpoint, as well as being a forward-looking company that surpasses many larger media entities in their willingness to think originally. A great company, employing thousands of good people :-)

In short, I would like to thank Yahoo! for being who they are, and for plowing along through all this time without compromising principles or selling their collective souls.

As a result of this move, the site may be down for a bit, but I'll be sure to keep it as short as possible.


To Network Solutions we go. Or, perhaps more precisely, we have gone.

This has been quite the tough change. The site you see will not look any different for the time being, but in the near future will appear a sleeker and more purpose-built presence. Nothing serious, mind you, just a refinement of the refinement. That which I have been able to glean from the past 3 1/2 years shall be of great assistance. Hopefully.


"From the forests come the most frightening sounds. These are the sounds of fury, of night, and of creatures that dwell beyond normal vision. The sounds of the night spread like the mists of the mountains and penetrate and instill the feelings of the fearful and the weary. Those who venture into the netherworld of the trees are devoured and spilled out into the graveyards and marshes that lie just outside that which can be seen by healthy eyes, and felt by willing hearts. On a pathway of destiny, throughout the eerie flora of fate, the mindless soul is merged with the night and stays forever as its keeper and advocate, and into the future of this realm of impossible addiction and temperance and dreary sight do its eyes open to an eternity of desolation and kinship of darkness."


"We drift into the gray of reality, into the mist of existence, into the very life we were so very sorry to realize. Having fallen to the depth of sudden and maddening clarity, we find ourselves flowing and merging with the sullen of the past, and the plane of repent shall swallow and overtake the mind's apparent power.

In short, we have arrived."

To 2006