Anno 2007

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[02/08/07 20:38pst]


There is Winter apparent everywhere - even here in the concrete jungle. Well, Winter here is really just an extension of what Californians would call autumn. It would seem to me that the beauty that is the Master season goes unnoticed by most. This is unfortunate, as the Master season is more capable of instilling clarity of purpose and an appreciation for the warmth of every living moment than all other seasons. Beautiful Charlize is gracing the screen in a role to make even the most avid of suitors stand up and scream for a change.


The recent Goddamned lack of clarity in purpose and definition seems to be coming to an end. This is good. In these late times, it's promising to be able to venture beyond the stagnant and twisted principles of the masses apparent and delve into a future that is beginning to show form. The forests beckon like never before, and while they teem with freedom, possibility, and align themselves into the frightful corset of time, life in this most modern and temperate of climates is drawing downward and into the sewers of the future. Too long in said climate, and our author will flee like never before.

[08/25/07 15:49 pdt]

The lack of additional meaningful content and banter on this site is in its own best interest. I don't believe there is anything that could have been added in the past few months that would be remotely noteworthy. That said, the only section that has been recently changed is the crawler project. Not the truck itself, mind you, but the pages dedicated to that infernal machine.


I have made a few cosmetic changes to the index and title areas this week. This is in response to considerable concern over the downward direction the theme has taken over the past half year. It's true that it took a tremendous effort to pull the content out of the lull of 2003-04, and I have taken steps toward keeping the adult-oriented nature of these pages on the border of acceptability. The entries from 2003-04 which were removed in favor of a more positive direction have been returned to their respective sections. These writings are precious to me, and represent an important bridge between those dark times and the lighted space within which I know float. The update archive will no longer be censored in any way.

Another issue which has crept into our author's consciousness is the fact that many hours were spent creating and publishing some decent content into the now-defunct MySpace account. There were a few quality thoughts placed there during periods of critical thinking and clear vision to the future, and they should be included here in an appropriate manner. I am working fervently toward this even now.

We are in the midst of a fairly even-handed 4th season and the wait for cold is very much tolerable right now. There are hints everywhere of the impending cool and its loving glance, and as such the anticipation is beginning to mount. I believe that a chilly drive up the mountain and into the forest will be in order in early November. That will be fantastic. Also, there are current plans to visit the east shore of Tahoe in December, and Bass Lake just a month later. By then, the cold should be biting and beckoning.

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