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We have begun the process of splitting Coma in half in order to create space for Dimensional Passion. Until the funds are available for web space encompassing only the new site, DP must begin as a part of Coma. We would love to have everything immediately, but this is difficult for a self-supported domain. As such, the main index will display a double splash through which visitors may select one site or the other. No other information will be shared on the index.

Dimensional Passion will likely begin slowly, and will follow the default index with its initial design: title block, two-columns, left dynamic menu, body, footer. Hopefully, if the research develops in a positive manner, we can expand DP into its own frontier. If it were to become a business, that pathway has even more options for supporting itself.

On the downside, we must keep in mind the possibility of finding nothing aside from complete rejection by prospective clients. This type of venture is on the fringe of what others believe to be 'normal' thinking. Attempting to begin any kind of research is going to require open mindedness unlike any other. The right personality equals positivity.

The Clodmaster section has been updated to include recent electronics advancements. Page 29 now displays newer images of the main PC board and further information on the development of systems. Mechanical work continues as we type and will be added when available. The master for that section of the site is undergoing many backend updates so the content date may not change until work is complete and we push it into the production environment. Content sections are still dated as they travel. The page indexing for the Clodmaster is lacking better navigation. Due to the basic layout hanging on after all these years, the page remains fairly static. We are going to change the navigation one of these days, but with all of the other issues it may take a while.

Speaking of the layout (as discussed above regarding the upcoming rollout of DP), recent readers have grumbled about the two-column design and subsequent off-center appearance of the footer links and logo. Well, this is something admin has been stolid about for years and there are only two options for improvement which we can see: move the footer inside the right column, or move the logo to align with the left column and place the footer to its right. Either would be acceptable and perhaps we can build a sample page and allow feedback to decide. Give us a bit of time on that.

Also, the galleries are all fucked up for some reason. We are attempting to locate the issue.

Dimensional Passion and the Raven

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"We have sat in these chairs pondering the idea of the studies of a lifetime (at least what we consider as such) and have attempted to find wording, imagery, and a pathway to roll into it. She was the catalyst for most of the push toward actually operating and soliciting clients (subjects). Unfortunately, that wondrous example left us before bearing fruit.

She was to be the first subject (and nearly was had we been prepared that evening), and was dedicated to assisting with the process of getting things up and running. She had ideas, contacts, and visions which would have eased the subjects into the study. There can be no understating the importance of making them feel comfortable and She had the personality and skills to make it happen.

Honestly, as one of the most striking and poetic examples of dark beauty we have seen in all our years of searching, She became the bridge, if you will, between our ideas and the process of pushing us into reality. Her loss continues to impact our every move and each day. The images on the current index display a few of Her features, as closely as they are able. The reason for the continually rotating images is the fact that She is constantly in our heads like nothing else. We have been told more than once that to obsess over another human is as unhealthy as all of the other aspects related to Dimensional Passion. Yes, these things are unhealthy, but what change will bring peace? The search and the obsession and the drive leave us in a bit of negative space. Like a hole, a vacuum. This can be damaging beyond belief and can also push us to make severe decisions. Well, this negative space also keeps us alive -- the possibility cannot be denied and as such will remain the driving force behind four of the six domains which we own. This is also the primary reason we are still drawing breath. There is a finite duration for such, however, and when the time arrives when we feel the possibility no longer exists, there will be a step taken. Plans are in place, letters written, and business dealings are in process for when this date arrives.

Live with it.


From this point forward, we need to attempt putting aside the arduous journey of passing Her memory and driving toward the goal of operating. Seeking subjects was to be a task we performed together, and now the thought of approaching anyone has become more complex. We have amassed images for many years and the computer does assist in measurement as well as visualization as to the whole of the female form we seek (basically, Her), but such has proven tedious and unfulfilling to say the least, and the time required to attain the goal of actually learning of the numbers, ratios, and radii compared to a living, breathing soul is tremendous.

First and foremost will be manufacturing the business cards which will represent initial contact. From that beginning, the control is lost to actual human beings. Any information gained will no longer be up to the organization, but people. Trust will be an absolute and once again such a situation is not ours to dictate. We must connect to souls even during the most fleeting of moments or chance encounters and drop a pebble which will hopefully cause a sidestep. Then begins the waiting.


Although we have already been waiting years, the recent connection with Her has caused the passage of time to multiply negatively like never before. Just this past year feels as a decade or more. Even at this very moment blasting 'La Ou Naissent Les Couleurs' into our eardrums reminds us of the days passed in which we stood in Her presence and in awe of Her forgiving, loving, caring, and open-hearted nature. The resulting physical and mental comfort catapulted us to a place unequaled before and since.

This place remains as the sole paradise which we can inhabit. Daily 'regular' life is no longer satisfying upon any level and proceeds to force us into a mental fetal position in which only the dizzying effects of overpowering audio and alcohol can keep us above ground and operating as human. Everything else has faded just like decent weather in the mid-spring.

The compulsion to continue along with the difficulties inherent in proceeding through daily life without knowing She is out there are pressing us into a mold void of identification. Even sitting at the editor is far from satisfying. We have remained in this space for so long that the urge to get up and do something -- anything -- disappears quickly. These late days are filled with discomfort and ambiguity. And then the alcohol flows as it once did during the most arduous times in Vegas. Of course, every now and then a small burst takes place in which we are able to move around and become distracted by the draws of living.

In recent years, and while we have attempted to stay afloat during brief periods, the few thoughts which drove us toward appearing as human were those which caused the slides into oblivion. We are in such a place now... A place void of desire for anything which others seem to covet and for which they hope. During that short and very blurry segment while we resided in the cave, forward motion was achieved by streamlining and organizing material possessions and pointing ourselves in a simpler direction. That type of effort goes through ebb and flow just like any other, and at this moment we are again mired. We must find the track and do our best to return life to that of the portable. The necessities have become a short list and the idea of once again living in such a way has become very enticing. We need portability and we need it badly. We shall arrive there only after tremendous effort but the resulting comfort will doubtless be more than worth the trials.

The body of this essay has lost the way of the title. Whatever.

Today may be the beginning once again due to the fact that we are talking ourselves into progressing toward anything which represents improvement. We just fucking need the ability to dictate our course. She did this... She placed her heart where it needed to be and pushed Herself down the road of the unknown by cutting the detritus off and shedding the unnecessary. We simply MUST do the same. The alternative is dirt.

This is another facet of the obsession.



The beginning of the obsession (as discussed earlier), the reason for the drive, and the face which became the very definition of undeniable beauty was Her. Wondrous form, darkness of soul, brightness of eyes. Passionate, selfless love, caring and support. Endless fascination. There will never be another soul of equal. Never. A large portion of our present discomfort is the simple fact that each of us is unique and by extension She was unique. There were many aspects of Her form and personality which aligned with our needs, desires, and dreams. Attempting to find someone similar (even regarding the physical) is daunting to say the least. The tallest of orders, however, is to recreate feeling of being near Her. Yes, we realize this should not be happening because such a pursuit is unhealthy to say the least, however the drive will not cease. She was more than we can describe here or anywhere and the idea of feeling at that level again is simply far too wonderful to shut off.

That was a place of perpetual joy, but also one of haphazard damage. While in the company of each other -- be it alone or among others -- the tendency was that of recklessness and short sight. Past writings have described the outings in more detail, so we will avoid retreading. Suffice to say, the difference between the close and far moments was as a vast chasm, impassable by either soul. Distance apart created inner tension and discomfort for both, and the upside of this terrible feeling was the sense of floating which followed the closeness. There are a few magnificent songs which bring a similar mood from the depths all the way up to the pinnacle of feeling.

We are all over the fucking map with the thoughts these days.


Her darkness of eyes and hair along with the vulture-like nature and predatory manner in which She interacted with others combined to create quite a savage personality.

She was and will forever remain the Raven -- haunting, beautiful, compelling, and disturbing."