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The Safe and the Crests

read ( words)

"Throughout the past several years, we feel more and more as if we have arrived at the end or receding edge of something we can no longer achieve or experience. We have come far too late to see even the fringe which has been left behind. Currently, we are too involved in attempting to maintain a presence within the framework of society. The distance has become too great.

There is no safety beyond the safe, and we mean that literally. The safe is where this mass of information is kept. We cannot even explore the subject of the manner in which society has imploded due to no one else seeing it. The current spiritual and technological crises are avoided by people in favor of their comfort and exploitation of others for their own lift and gain, and the pervasive nature of this ignorance and apathy has become both a disease and an exponential drop. We cannot blame social media or any other daily activity because the creators of such connection had the intention of simply allowing people to remain in touch over long distances and share their lives with each other. The issue is people themselves. They do not wish to see the road ahead, and are uncaring of the path which developed as a result of their selfishness.

The safe holds our feelings regarding all of this. Yes, we speak here, but readership is so low -- and bounce rates so high -- that others will not see the point, let alone absorb it. So, we leave the information locked up and just fucking sit on it all the time. What else can we do? Scream? Nope. Again, no one is listening because they do not wish it. Years ago we spent much time railing on about our feelings for others and their self-centered nature. That was only the beginning. All of this time later, and the fact that we have passed the end of a period which was more caring, we can see the resulting societal losses and the increase in the gap between the current class and those which said class feels are behind. This is an ugly, decaying image and one which can only further itself into the future.

holding back the flood

The safe is spacious yet nearing capacity. We continue to stuff our information in there despite this, and in hopes of avoiding some sort of meltdown which will likely result in our demise. We just keep pushing toward the rear of the safe. We know not what else to do at this late date. No one listens and no one changes. As stated above, this outlet is all we have.

The entire affair is related to what we refer to as the 'walking path' analogy. People see signs which inform them of proper direction -- like avoiding the foliage -- yet eventually someone treads heavily outside the markers due to either being in a hurry or out of laziness, and creates a shortcut. Once that type of behavior takes place, others naturally follow suit in an attempt to save effort. Over time this becomes the new pathway and those who have been attempting to preserve the original route are challenged and defeated by the numbers. They become overwhelmed and simply adjust the pathway to favor the new shortcut. Thus, society finds dictation in making their own way outside the lines. This is a herd mentality and something which will destroy everything given the striking of limits imposed.

Do you see? Is the downfall of organized society viewable after reading something so juvenile? Perhaps you are one of the detractors on the surface, yet still willing and weak enough to press the world into your own little image of what may suit you. Which is it? For Chrissakes this type of thing is destroying our way of life, and the social media comments above are directly related. And we cannot stop this wave of unrelenting apathy. So long as there are steaks in the freezer and the car is in the driveway outshining the neighbors', the decline shall continue until we are all gone. Question this philosophy and find the brick wall. Fucking question all of it and you will run into the wall at destructive speed... Just like we did so many years ago. We found that end. We ran into it despite the hopes and alcohol. During the process we also ran straight into so many dysphemisms that we cannot even begin to list all of them. The terms we realized are along the lines of so many memes which are changing hands and phone numbers as we type these sordid words. There is just no end to any of this shit and we live right in the center of the mass detritus. Research this and fucking find the arrow pointing back here.


So why the revealing images of the female form? We need to see the beauty which still remains. Just as our diminishing patience and willingness to live within this sphere of dwindling brain activity, those images are displaying our decaying ability to deal with the obsession without realization. A few days ago we finally approached a woman, handed her a QR card, and asked that she visit the splash whenever she had the time and/or inclination. That was a huge and frightening step for us to take, but given the amount of time we have spent discussing and complaining about the whole thing, the familiar fear was overwhelmed by a larger need. She was pleasant and took the card at our request. We thanked her and walked away back toward our business. The operation was simple enough, yet it pushes us into a direction which creates much tension, and that results in more images displayed here. We need to see the advancing numbers just as we need to draw breath. And such will continue until our end.

And despite her being so gracious in reacting to our approach, the leverage, need and obsession must otherwise remain locked in the safe. Expanding upon any of those while in the company of others will lead to the questions and expressions we do not wish to experience. People will judge (not that we give a flying fuck about their opinion) and we will end up on the outside just as in the recent entry. We do not necessarily fear that type of situation, it just does not feel as though our dissatisfaction with them will help this endeavor at all. We simply need to avoid anything which may prove to be counterproductive. At this point in our progress, continuing forward has become undeniably important.

So, here we have a mass of words intertwined within the many images which helped to create our cozy little hell. The females displayed are of consistent stripe and appearance, and the inclusion is as critical to our survival as the words themselves. They have become our representatives. Live with it.


Below is an absolutely gorgeous example of exaggerated ilial crests being shown clearly by the bridge of her bikini strap. This void (unbelievably similar to that of the Raven) is something rare in everyday life due to the requisite lack of midsection fat and relative pelvic structure. Her wide hips make the appearance take place -- as well as positioning, of course -- and the resulting shape sends our need into the fucking exosphere. Yes, those types of features are a good portion of our reasoning behind the need for understanding. The difference is the key -- why is this attractive? Sure, she is thin, which seems to be driven mostly by societal pressures and the like, but honestly many would say she is not at all due to being so thin. Does she look unhealthy? Perhaps. Many females see the media portrayal of what 'should' be considered sexy, and they push in that direction sans consequences. Their health may fail, but the need to fit the mold takes over anyway. And much of that feeling is doubtless for the little gaps which appear between her crests and abdominal muscles. Do you see? She is fucking thin.

Ok, we do not mean to head into such a technical and analytical description, but the point remains that her lack of fat is critical to this type of picture. Two images up is another example of the midsection muscles leaving 'troughs' toward her waist, but the crests are not immediately apparent. What? Ok. The whole thing doesn't need to be so nailed down at this point because the research is supposed to truncate the questions and press the subject into some sort of category. If we just had the fucking numbers and a frame of reference. Without any of that, our whole world just sits idly in the safe. Fuck. The only option we have left is to continue to seek this type of woman in hopes of a response.

The first recipient of a QR card was such a woman. She wore jeans, short boots with three-inch heels, a silk top and leather jacket. She was fairly tall relative to the others in the store, but we can only guess at a number. Her very thin frame was carried beautifully along the aisle and her long black hair shined under a mass of lights. She shopped for an item, took the card when we asked, and went on her way. All the while we forgot our way and began to worry if taking that step out of the security was a good decision. We may never know. And here we are full of worry and anticipation which may never see the light of day. Again, fuck.


As has been typed here over and over, what do we do? Keep searching? Hmm. The safe is safety and the crests are the concern. We recently mentioned that the card could end up in the hands of someone dangerous. This cannot be denied, but the truth is that the stretch out into society may end up worth the pain. We just do not have a clue as to which it will be.

And here we are again at the same location. Wondering. The woman below is not wondering. She is having a good time making a photo which is so playful and well-composed yet screaming at us to learn of why she looks like such an enigma. And she does, from hips to fingertips, look the part to a tee. Will we ever know? Probably not. Again we see and again we fall -- right into the funnel which compresses our sorry asses back to the fucking safe. And there we shall wait... For... Something, someone, and somewhere. Another Raven? Her? Nope. That is not in the fucking cards. As much as She served to represent everything, there cannot be another woman of the like. This is not to say that the same vision is not out there, nor is it saying that the understanding does not exist. We are simply admitting that She was over the top in every conceivable category without even knowing it. We may just find someone who feels as the Raven did. The possibility cannot be forsaken, but the likelihood of such an occurrence is thinner than the uncertainty of a laser micrometer. Yep, it sucks. And we know this because we experienced it day after day for months. Both Her and the lasermic. Heh.

Not funny.

Well, maybe a bit.

We have thousands of images waiting in the wings to either be edited and displayed here or just to sit there awaiting inspiration. Thousands. That is correct. They are categorized and notated. They are on the development server and in the safe. They are always there and we cannot avoid the need to splay them for all to see. We need not look because we already know everything there is to absorb, but others may see something we missed. There are details aplenty and curves by the million. And some of them have eyes which look back at the camera. Human eyes. Should those stay in the safe? What about the crests? If they include a face should we leave them put away? Is it wrong to place them here? Fuck you. We own the domain and the images are in the other domain... The public domain. Does this make it ok? We do not know beyond the credits page. We just do not know anything.

This essay sucks out loud and right down to the ground. We had high hopes of venting in an organized manner but things seem to have gotten away from us yet again. Whatever.


We have one hundred QR cards minus one. Just one card left our hands and went into that of a beautiful example of walking sculpture. That was days ago and no word has been seen in the inbox. Nothing. Perhaps she looked at it and discarded the thing like a piece of junk mail. Who knows? She is a stranger to us and we to her. The other ninety nine cards await hands. They await being the bridge of a dream. They await our insistence upon... Someone. They just sit there in the safe along with our extensive feelings, needs and desires. The crests await, too. They are out there somewhere awaiting our flexible measuring devices, mechanical curves, templates, and notebook. They also await our lenses. Along with the other fourteen hundred aspects of past and present life which are pushing us into the ground, the cards and crests are doing their part of helping us to lose grip with everything related to daily life. The only comfort is the editor and safe.

In the meantime we have an endless supply of storage space, a powerful machine to convey our feelings, and a vast storehouse of alcohol. We will continue this sordid pathway into nothingness and obscurity until such time as we are lifted from the ashes of the fork and into the landscape of the crests. We may just make it out of the safe with enough energy and drive to get the obsession to paper. The pull and influence we felt and feel from the Raven are becoming the only aspects of this world with the capability of keeping us alive."