07/22/2018 07:55 pdt

Several recent entries to the current story have been unlinked and placed out of reach for reasons of posterity and concern. Dates and references remain on the writing index for continuity.

The 2015 change in site direction caught us off guard a bit, however none of it was surprising considering the Raven and her dramatic (and continual) influence upon life. Since then, the entries here on this index have become far too detailed to remain in the public eye without truncation. We cannot stay the course for fear of heading further into inappropriate territory, so the decision has been made to cease operation until such time as we can agree with admin regarding cleaning things up. Other aspects of life have also been interfering with the site business and maintenance, leaving us to cut out for a length of time -- and this despite the current story sitting unfinished. That tale was becoming dangerously close to restricting the site's audience (and may have already done that, according to our research), and that is a change we will not entertain. Admin's words have been halted and we hold the key whilst he cools off. Period. All other archived entries are still there. The Facebook coma page will also remain. We have no reason to turn off external references or links... yet.

All other site ventures -- including The Vegas Diaries and Dimensional Passion -- have been killed, and their respective domains all point here. This site now stands as the only endeavor and will no longer attempt to expand in any direction. Conditions IRL have interfered and stunted any outward expansion. We will not fight such a situation. Coma is it, and may sit idle (as stated in the previous update) for quite some time.

See you... whenever.