10-28-2018 08:24 pdt

Our attention has been drawn to the fact that the default index (basically, the landing page which is displayed when visiting this domain) always contains the newest writing, be it a stand-alone essay or a section of a larger story, and the necessity of following a link toward older pages may cause confusion. In the short term, the entire archive index of titles has been removed. We have struggled throughout years to maintain a fluid and easy to follow atmosphere with regard to the order of things. The writings involving actual life experiences must be taken from beginning to end without veering. Please understand that this endeavor is the only aspect of life over which admin has total control. When pushed, he pushes back with authority.

Until we find a solution for restriction of timelines, the indexed titles will not return. Disappointing, yes, however the alternative is the site being removed completely. Follow along, and pay close attention to the caption under the gorgeous image below.