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"Over and over the hatred happens... We are disregarded. The thoughts flow like a two-bit whore yet there is little or no response. We do not understand. Make us understand why the continual slight must take place. We are at a loss. One occurrence is understandable and may simply be an accident. Years of this? Something else. And the issue is not only from the past years, but still happens today. When we speak, no one listens. When we respond to a question or some other inquiry, no one awaits a response. We are trod upon over and over by those who speak of caring and kindness. We sit aside and await some semblance of courtesy but to no avail. We just sit. The courtesy is nonexistent. Soon we will be nonexistent.

Again and again we are spoken toward and shut off like a machine. We are dispensed, pushed aside and left alone. We are sent into the corner with nary a thought near humanity. We are left to feel unimportant and as if we do not matter.

Well, the switch has flipped.

Our writings now and in the past are to be the most pleasant available and possible, and the pleasant is over. Unfortunately, the disrespect and disdain are now at the forefront and cannot be reversed. The others are now the enemy. The capital is now the negative -- not the mellow negative of the development environment, but the actual. There is to be no end to this, and there is to be no end to the downfall of what we have become due to the others.

Here is the result: We no longer wish to speak with others. If and when we do, we do not want anyone hearing what we may be saying, and we do not want others listening to what we are being told. Crush your cars, burn your homes, slice your throats, stay out of the way of productive society, and simply die quietly and alone. We will not miss you. No one will. If they claim to, they are lying. And the lies are guaranteed. Consider the fucking source, idiots."



"A tap upon my shoulder caused me to spin in place, and there before my nervous and waiting eyes was the woman from the Island. I took a few seconds to process the vision of her actually showing up and dressed to the fucking nines. Lori stood there in her fucking black leather pants and skimpy tank hanging upon spaghetti straps looking like heated sex in a tidy package. Fucking shit, anyway... I stared at her makeup and jewelry absolutely flabbergasted by the picture in front of me. The woman had to stand two inches over me without shoes, placing her prominent chest at damned-near eye level. And her breasts were pushed up enough to send me into the fucking sky with dreamy visions of them bouncing all over the fucking place. Holy God, what a sight.

'Hello there.'
'Er... hi again.'

Lori giggled with a hand over her mouth and gazed at me as if I was her Goddamned appetizer. I took her soft hand in mine and we strolled to a booth toward the gaming area."


"This is the most damaged we have ever become over beauty. Many times we have sat and wondered and dreamed of such beauty, and each of those times was defined by the sight. The latest is the worst and the best. We are down. We are far below. Of course, we cannot and will not survive this, but we also know why. She is the why. From a distance, on the surface, the beauty is like none other. On the inside, the beauty exceeds such. She is wondrous. She is unreal."