July 1st, 2021 6:33am pdt

The remainder of the site is no longer operational. We are heading into the long process and period of swinging everything away from the eyes of the world. Nothing remains behind this page.

Covet, Fall, Realize, Destroy

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"Everything has turned. One step led to another and then another. Here we sit for all time.

No dress, no knives.

We originally came here for enjoyment and exploration, soon after we visited for gushing and pain. Years ago we came here to understand the beauty. All of those are gone. The beauty is here but she is meaningless.

No nothing any longer. We cannot get away, we cannot live inside, and we cannot speak. Everything folded. All inside, all pressured and pushing. The mustard is everywhere. People. Just people. One slip and the entire house fell down on our heads. We are crushed and willing to prove whatever may be necessary for slicing off the errant pieces of society which have been dangling in our faces for far too long. Slice and dice, really nice. This side of the door is home. The other side of the door is the enemy.

Slice and dice.

Into the den of only us.


Enemies, all. We used to say 'she is out there', but the truth is only 'they' are out there, and 'they' are the enemy. We now despise everyone. Even the unreal model just above.

We held the knives, but to no avail.
We postured, but to no avail.
We spoke, but to no avail.
We questioned, but to no avail.
We calculated, but to no avail.
We wrote for years, but to no avail.
We tried, but to no avail.

Avail equals fail. There are only three small facets of life which matter now. Everything else needs to be destroyed. Until such an unlikely scenario comes to pass, we remain hidden.

We lost the only battle that ever mattered."